About Us

Church Builders Inc. was formed in 1997 by Ricky Taylor after his father and former partner suddenly passed away. Where there was a shared partnership for the prior 17 years where he grew up building and designing Churches. Church Builder’s Inc. has designed and built over 100 projects in 3 states. We help with design, finance and construction of all types of Church Buildings. Eight out of ten Church Builder’s Inc’s. projects come from referrals of church leaders we’ve previously partnered with. Above all, Church Builder’s Inc. represents the fruit of our leadership’s desire to build churches and advance God’s kingdom to a world in need.


Since 1975, Ricky Taylor has discovered that countless churches have wasted thousands of dollars on design plans that are now on dusty shelves, having never been built. We are proud of the fact that our team of professionals have successfully designed and built over 100 affordable, ministry-minded projects. We have helped to prevent wasting thousands of dollars on unrealistic projects by well-meaning church building teams.

Knowing your church’s real financial capabilities up front, counting the cost before you start design, and then designing into a budget , is the best approach to assure a successful project. In our partnership with the church, we offer a lump sum price, within your church’s budget, that results in a quality design that meets ministry needs and a building you can afford

Whether your church is contemplating a complete relocation, expansion on your existing site, or renovation of existing facilities, our “one-stop-shop” approach provides complete project coordination. , design coordination, project costing, value management, project financing and construction. Unlike the traditional multiple-provider approach, our integrated team manages the entire process, from pre-design to post-construction services.